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We build and deliver IT solutions to drive your online business.
With over 20 years of experience our IT team develops platforms for companies who want to acquire new customers, deliver quality products and retain customers for a longer period. These are the 3 key pillars on which our solutions are based: Acquire, Deliver, Retain.

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Any company looking to improve their online marketing results can test one of our platforms for free.

The MP Solutions platforms are ready to use, and can be set up for new clients within a few days. Custom features will be developed upon request, depending on the scope of the additional work.

Check out our products and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. We look forward to supporting your business with our solutions.

Product Acquire

Many companies have a solid webshop to sell their products or services. The product itself is attractive and fullfil a demand, but many companies often still struggle connecting with their target audience. Either the marketing is not attracting enough new leads, the marketing per lead is too expensive or the conversion from lead to sale is too low.

MP Solutions offers the marketing platform your company needs to acquire more actual customers. The platform contains:

Landing page module

Create your own landing page to funnel leads before they enter the webshop.

Validation lookups

An initial sign up from the user is recommended, together with his/her consent. This data can be validated in real-time through external lookups. A correct lead avoids a lot of wasted time following up on each prospect.

Warm up leads

Depending on the nature of the product, a user will need to learn more about the product to turn a cold lead into a warm lead: someone who is now interested enough to buy. Our platform offers solutions to educate the user about the benefits of the product.

MP Solutions does not offer support with the actual media buying, but we do offer support for optimization of the entire landing page funnel, from lead to sale. Including redesign upon request.

Product Deliver

Hosting a good looking website is one thing, but managing the customers, their orders and the content distribution is another thing.

MP Solutions is specialized in the following backend solutions that can be connected to your webshop through easy to implement API’s:

Subscription memberships

An increasingly popular trend is to offer products or services on a membership basis. For example Netflix, offering unlimited access to its content for a flat monthly fee. Or for example Amazon Prime memberships as an addon service to receive digital content, discounts and faster delivery.

MP Solutions hosts an extensive backend platform that caters to managing subscription services. This includes a plugin that makes it easy for a customer to stop the service at any time.

Digital content distribution

Aside from selling physical goods another growing trend is to sell digital goods. Several verticals are becoming increasingly popular like online games and e-learning.

MP Solutions has experience delivering digital content to any device and tracking the status of the use of each content item.

Product Retain

The efforts of acquiring a new customer are ten times higher than keeping an existing customer. Many companies are missing the opportunity to convince customers to return to their website.

MP Solutions offers the marketing modules to reach out to your customers:

Email marketing module

Including the right IP sendout routes and email layout templates that avoid emails ending up in spam folders or bounced by the ISP’s.

Sms marketing module

Old school sms marketing still works. With high deliverability and response rates. As long as the messages are not too frequent, stay relevant and personal.

Push marketing module

An inexpensive way to reach out to your audience by sending interesting offers through their internet browser.

All modules are tied in with the customer database, allowing for targeting and personalization. This improves the customer experience by only receiving those offers he or she is interested in. Together with the preferred frequency per user this results in a much lower opt out rate and higher retention over time.

How We Work


First you let us know you are interested in one of our products, by sending an email.


Based on your interest we will send you a questionnaire to understand what needs and objectives your company has to improve its online marketing results.


Based on your answer we will make the first proposal for your consideration. A free trial is optional to test our capabilities.

Pricing Model

Our pricing model is simple and transparent:


    A fixed monthly fee per module in use. These are low priced fees.


    Additional costs are charged per 1000 sendouts for emails, SMS and push marketing.

Revenue Share

    A small revenue share per sale that originated from our funnels.

In short, our model is based on the no-cure no-pay principle. If our tools don’t deliver the results, we don’t charge. Once a contract is signed, we will configure the platform for your business and create your accounts. Followed by several training sessions for the use of each tool.

Available additional services:
Setup and hosting of servers, clouds and other IT infrastructure needs. This includes monitoring and alerting for traffic disruptions.
Consultation on building the best possible landing page, and optimize it towards maximum results.
Reporting. Aside from our regular stat reports we can query for special requests and help analyse the statistics. Too many numbers can be overwhelming when optimizing a full funnel from buying the first click to getting the sale.

We hope to welcome you soon!

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